zondag 14 maart 2010

My layout for week 11

It wasn't as difficult as I thought. I just forgot about my little collection of Russian Matrushka's. The wooden dolls with smaller versions of themselves inside. I asked my husbands grandmother one. She's from Russia and I thought it would be a great memory for later. But I got more from her. Every now and then my mother in law has another one for me. I think they are fun!
So on my layout for this week I used Matrushka's.

I used:
Steamer Trunk by Studio Tangie and Amanda Sexton

Paper Collection #1 by Paula Kesselring
Old Borders by Paula Kesselring
Old Wood Alpha by Paula Kesselring
Oldies by Paula Kesselring

I really like all the old stuff from Paula Kesselring (Scrapartist) and she will have more new vintage stuff in the shop soon!

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