zaterdag 13 maart 2010

Itinerary #11 and Parcel #11

I'm late with this post. It's just so busy lately. Monday I will start giving workshops digital scrapbooking and I had so much to do for that. I made some kind of PS Elements manual for my students with screenshots of the most important things they need to know.
But finally found some time for this post.

The new itinerary is about collections and the verb is Gather.
I don't really collect something, besides digital scrapbooking supplies, lol. But in the past I collected Coca Cola stuff. I have thrown away lots of it, but I still have most of the glasses. So maybe I'll make a Coca Cola themed layout.
But I also collected stamps when I was a kid. I have lots of digital stamps in different scrap kits that I can use.
I just don't know yet what I'll do.

The new parcel is fun! So I ordered it right away.

Not exactly the Coca Cola colors, I know, but I just want all the parcels!

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