maandag 30 augustus 2010

ATC with Eleanors Avenue by Clementine Design!

On my normal digital scrapbooking blog you'll find a more traditional layout made with the kit Eleanors Avenue by Clementine Desing, but it's also a great kit for creating ATC's! With those fantastic colors you'll end up with a very colorful result!
You can get this kit at Deviant Scrap!

My layout for week 35!

And here's my layout for week 35. I chose to work with the wonderful quote.

Itinerary #35 and Parcel #35

This week I'm a bit later, that's because I have vacation I don't want to spend all of my time on the computer. The weather is not to great at the moment, lots of rain and storm, so I do other things inside the house. I have a big cross stitch work to finish and I read and I'm doing some creative things too! Yesterday I created a vintage tag!
But tonight it was time for Itinerary #35! The theme of this week is Pick up the Pieces. And the verb is Salvage.

As usual Tangie and Amanda created a wonderful Parcel #35:
And Tangie created this wonderful Splatter Grafitti Salvage pack with the same rich colors:

And another ATC with Body Farm by SherrieJD!

I also created this ATC with the great kit Body Farm by SherrieJD. It is so much fun to create a person with different bits and pieces! You can get this kit at Deviant Scrap!

zondag 29 augustus 2010

Body Farm, new by SherrieJD at Deviant Scrap!

I always love the little body parts and now SherrieJD made this fantastic kit full of body parts called Body Farm! A huge kit with legs, bodies, eyes, mouths and all in a great style!
You can get Body Farm at Deviant Scrap!
When I saw this little girl in the kit Windy Van Hooten's from Christine Honsinger, I just had to scrap her! Her smile is so adorable! I combined the Windy Van Hooten's kit with different other stuff from Christine Honsinger: Zoodle Doodles, Information Station Stamps, Art Journal Collection 2 and Altered Alpha Black & White.
It's all in the shop at Scrapartist.

donderdag 26 augustus 2010

She found her Bliss, new by Tangie Baxter!

She found her Bliss, the new kit by Tangie Baxter is so amazing! The tones are wonderful and also the style of the papers and elements! There is a huge variety in elements and wordart strips!
You can get this kit at Scrapbookgraphics.

maandag 23 augustus 2010

ATC with the new Crowabout StudioB backgrounds!

In the new Backgrounds & Alpha set by Crowabout StudioB you also find some nice collage sheets. On those sheets amazing ATC backgrounds! In combination with other stuff from Crowabout StudioB just perfect! I especially love the crow elements from One Old Crow.
You can get it all at Deviant Scrap!

New backgrounds by Crowabout StudioB!

Some amazing new backgrounds from Crowabout StudioB in her shop at Deviant Scrap! The kit is called Backgrounds & Alpha. The alpha is also great. On this layout I made the word Discovery with it. All different letters in different sizes, really fun!

zondag 22 augustus 2010

My layout for week 34!

I used the verb Trust for my layout. The wonderful quote was in Parcel #34 and I found it just perfect to show on my layout for this week. It's so true!
I only used Parcel #34 for my layout. You can get it at Scrapbookgraphics.

zaterdag 21 augustus 2010

Itinerary #34 and Parcel #34

And again another week! It goes so fast, because I always have it very busy. But my vacation just started, so now I have lots of time to catch up with everything!
The theme for week 34 is An Action of Love. I love this theme! My action of love will be spending more time with my husband. When I don't have vacation I spend almost all my free time with digital scrapbooking. Creating layouts, preparing lessons, giving lessons. Now is the time to spend more time with him too!
The verb of the week is Trust.

The new Parcel #34 is wonderful, so I grabbed it right away:

vrijdag 20 augustus 2010

New by Tangie Baxter: Unconventional Wisdom

New by Tangie Baxter: Unconventional Wisdom! The fun colors and the unique style of the elements makes this kit a real must have if you like altered art!
You can get it at Scrapbookgraphics!

maandag 16 augustus 2010

New at Deviant Scrap! Fair Maiden by SherrieJD!

Aren't those girls pretty? I had to think about the song from the Eagles right away: Pretty Maids all in a Row.
SherrieJD created a wonderful set called Fair Maiden with lots of different girls.
For this ATC I combined it with a background paper from Tales of the Orient and the wordstrip is made from a paper from Sheeps in the Meadow, all by SherrieJD at Deviant Scrap.

zondag 15 augustus 2010

My layout for week 33!

And here's my layout for week 33. I used the word strip I Promise for my title. I think it's very important to keep your promises. I don't like it if someone promises something and doesn't do it!
I was doubting about using the theme for this week: Easily Made, Easily Broken.
It's because of a terrible feeling I have since a misunderstanding this morning. But I had no idea how to show that on my layout.
I used Parcel #33 by Tangie Baxter and Amanda Sexton for my layout, available at Scrapbookgraphics.

Itinerary #33 and Parcel #33

In week 33 the theme is Easily Made, Easily Broken. Do you keep your promises or do you break them?
The verb of the week is Promise.

Of course there is a new Parcel #33:
And there is a nice freebie too!:

zaterdag 14 augustus 2010

House shaped card with stuff from Tangie Baxter

I was in a bit crazy mood and wanted to try something different. So I was looking through my altered scrapbooking supplies and saw the Hand Cut Collage Fodder Houses 2 from Tangie Baxter. I took that as the base for my card. Then the idea started to make it a bird house. I saw something like that on the blog from Kathryn Wheel. But I gave it my onw twist.
Besides the Hand Cut Collage Fodder Houses 2 I also used the kit Perrenial Paperie, Hand Cut Collage Fodder Edges, Proverb Word Strips, Splatter Graffiti Skinnies Patina, ATC Merrie Birdie and My Fairy Friends Vol. 2, all by Tangie Baxter at Scrapbookgraphics.

vrijdag 13 augustus 2010

New from Tangie Baxter: Tempest-Tossed!

New in Tangie Baxter's shop at Scrapbookgraphics: Tempest-Tossed!
I really like the mood of this kit and the sea theme! Perfect for altered layouts and ATC's, but on my normal scrapblog you can also find a more traditional layout with this amazing kit!

woensdag 11 augustus 2010

And again an ATC with Crowabout StudioB stuff!

Now we have a crow element I just had to use it again. So I used it as some kind of Crowabout StudioB trademark on the corner of my ATC. I expect it to show up more often now!
For this ATC I used One Eyed Monsters and One Old Crow, both by Crowabout StudioB at Deviant Scrap.

maandag 9 augustus 2010

New fun stuff by Crowabout StudioB! One Old Crow!

Caw caw! New at Deviant Scrap! Caw caw! One Old Crow by Crowabout StudioB! Caw caw!
You can choose to work with the PNG files or with the collage sheets, but the fun is garanteed!
Go check it out at Crowabout StudioB's shop at Deviant Scrap.

vrijdag 6 augustus 2010

My layout for week 32!

I'm early this week, so I started with a layout as soon I got the Parcel #32 and the Splatter Graffiti kit. I really like this color scheme for an art journal layout. I chose to use the wordart from the parcel for my layout. The only item that is not from the parcel and the graffiti kit is the little hook. That's from Tangie Baxter's kit The Shadowy Waves. You can get it all at Scrapbookgraphics.

Itinerary #32 and Parcel #32

And again another week for the Art Journal Caravan! Time flies!
The theme for this week is "What is good for you?". It's great to think about this. In real life you act a lot like people expect you to act. Let's forget that for one week!
This week the verb is Decide. Fortunatly I am not really a doubting person. I now what I want very fast and act like that in a fast way too. So I don't have problems with decisions.

I love Parcel #32 from Tangie Baxter and Amanda Sexton! The black and white colorscheme is wonderful and also the chosen elements! So I grabbed it right away, and also the new Splatter Graffiti set from Tangie Baxter.

dinsdag 3 augustus 2010

My layout for week 31!

I didn't have to much time this week, so I just had to make time for my AJC layout. I used the Parcel #31 by Tangie Baxter and Amanda Sexton and the Splatter Graffiti Squares Meander by Tangie Baxter, both in the Scrapbookgraphics shop.

maandag 2 augustus 2010

ATC with One Eyed Monsters, new from Crowabout StudioB!

Lots of new stuff in the shop at Deviant Scrap from Crowabout StudioB! This ATC is made with the new kit One Eyed Monsters. It's such a fun kit! Look at that Taco car! So unique.

zondag 1 augustus 2010

Itinerary #31 and Parcel #31

I'm a bit late this week. I didn't spend the amount of time on my computer as I am used to lately. But I was not forgetting about the Art Journal Caravan! This week (31 already!) is about A Toast. We have to think about a toast for ourself! Fun!
The verb is Meander. I have to look that up, because I don't know the exact meaning of it. The word is also in the quote, so I have no idea what the quote means too!

There is a wonderful colored Parcel #31 in the Scrapbookgraphics shop:

H***y Women by Crowabout StudioB! Ok, it's Horny Women!

New in the shop at Deviant Scrap: Horny Women by Crowabout StudioB!
A fun set of heads, hats, horns and bodies in the unique Crowabout StudioB style!