maandag 27 december 2010

Monday's Child by Fiddlette Designs, new at Cat Scrap!

A new kit by Fiddlette Designs! Monday's Child is a sweet altered kit with lots of possibilities!
You can get it at Cat Scrap!

dinsdag 21 december 2010

Fun Steampunk Farmer kit by Beth Rimmer at Deviant Scrap!

New, the fun Steampunk Farmer kit by Beth Rimmer at Deviant Scrap! The unique combination of the steampunk and farmer elements makes this kit very original!

maandag 13 december 2010

Itinerary #48 and Parcel #48

Well, another bit of catching up. Week 48! The itinerary #48 is about Blue Moon. I don't understand totally what it's about, because it's a saying we don't use here in the Netherlands. So I have to read more on the AJC forum about it, before I can do something with it. The verb is Gaze and also the quote is about that.

Parcel #48 looks like this:

My cover for the Countdown2Christmas journal with SherrieJD!

Here's my cover for my digital Countdown2Christmas journal with SherrieJD at Deviant Scrap! I started late, but I definately want to do more for this Christmas journal.
The fun thing is, I got a Wacom with internal LCD-screen, so writing and decorating is much easier now. So for my other pages I will have to try to write more on them.

zondag 12 december 2010

My layout for week 47!

And more catching up! Here's my layout for week 47! Still some weeks to go, but I did for layouts this weekend. I used the quote and verb for my layout and thought the stuff from Tumble Fish Studio was just perfect for it!

Countdown2Christmas layout with C2C kit by SherrieJD!

I joined SherrieJD's Countdown2Christmas journaling classes at Deviant Scrap. When you join, you get an amazing Countdown2Christmas kit loaded with the most beautiful altered stuff for Christmas!
For this layout I used the C2C kit. The alpha is made with one of the Grafitti paper sets from SherrieJD.

zaterdag 11 december 2010

Itinerary #47 and Parcel #47

The itinerary #47 has the theme Try Something New. So I can use a new technique on my layout.
The verb of week 47 is Indulge and the quote also has Indulge as theme. I still have to think what I'm going to do.

The Parcel #47 looks like this:

My layout for week #46!

So, I'm really catching up now, although this will be my last layout for today. It's bedtime.
For this layout I used the quote (on the bottom of my layout) and tried to place some elements and wordstrips that will go well with the quote.
I used stuff from Tangie Baxter and RobenMarie.

Itinerary #46 and Parcel #46

The itinerary #46 is about Writing and You. So no surprice the verb of week 46 is Write. But again, I think I will work with the quote, because it's a great one!

Parcel #46 looks like this:

My layout for week #45!

And I started right after my layout for week 44, to try to catch up a bit more!
I used Mistichtes and Togetherness from RobenMarie and the collab Altered Journal from Sausan Designs and RobenMarie. Only the collab is still available at Catscrap, because RobenMarie has left the digital scrapbooking shops recently.

Itinerary #45 and Parcel #45

The itinerary for week 45 is Practice Makes Perfect! Well, I can only agree with that! The verb is Practice and there is a nice quote from Mahatma Gandhi. I have lived in a street named after him for 12 years. So maybe I choose to work with the quote because of that!

Parcel #45 is wonderful:

My layout for week 44!

Yes, I know, I'm so behind with creating my layouts for the Art Journal Caravan. I'm just so busy with creating of my traditional layouts and other things. But here's one layout to catch up a bit!
I decided to work with the quote, which is very true I think.
For my layout I used Collage Backgrounds, Artsy Chick, Altered Elements & Oddball Treasures and Kitchy Kutie, all by Fiddlette Designs at Catscrap.

woensdag 8 december 2010

Jack Frost's Steampunk Station by Crowabout StudioB!

I'm really behind now with the Art Journal Caravan, but that doesn't mean I don't create journal pages anymore. Here's one I did with the new kit from Crowabout StudioB. The kit is called Jack Frost's Steampunk Station and available at Deviant Scrap.