maandag 19 december 2011

Itinerary #43 and Parcel #43

The Simply Started of Itinerary #43 is I screamed... and the verb is Terrify and we can work with three quotes with the word Terrify in them.
I have to laugh about the I screamed..., well, I screamed so hard in the Summer of 2010, that I couldn't talk normally for a couple of hours. I was so angry about some girls from around 15 years old who were screaming for hours in front of our house. I couldn't read, I couldn't hear the TV, I couldn't study, we had to close all our windows and it never stopped. You must know it was like that almost every evening for months already. So this evening it was just too much. I opened the window and screamed as hard as I could. Days of frustration came out. Fortunately it hasn't been like that last Summer.

Parcel #43:

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