vrijdag 14 mei 2010

Itinerary #20 and Parcel #20

This week I'm a bit faster with posting the new itinerary. It's Saturday morning, just after 7. I woke up early and already created and posted an ATC. And now it's time for this post.

The theme of itinerary #20 is "Yes, that's Dr. to you!". We have to explore the idea of being expert in something. The only thing I come up with is Dr. Digi-scrapping, because I give lessons since a couple of months. Sounds good huh?! But on the other hand, who am I to say I'm an expert. There are so many great digital artists!
The verb for week #20 is Reconcile. I don't know what this word means, so I have to look it up before I can even think about using this on my layout.

And off course there is a new kit! Parcel #20:

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